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Introducing our Variety Treat Box, the perfect gift for your furry friend! This box includes a variety of natural dog treats from our range, ensuring that your pup will never get bored of the same old snacks. Our treats are made with high-quality ingredients, providing your dog with the nutrients they need to stay happy and healthy. With a mix of flavors and textures, this treat box is guaranteed to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. Spoil your dog with the best and order your Variety Treat Box today

£30 Variety Treat Box

VAT Included
  • "Caring for Your Dog's Unique Needs

    At the Dog Shop, we understand that every dog is unique, and so are their dietary requirements. We want to ensure that your furry companion receives the best care and nutrition possible. That's why we'd like to know more about your dog's specific needs.

    Do They Have Allergies? Just like humans, dogs can have allergies too. These allergies may be related to certain ingredients in their food, such as proteins, grains, or other additives. Allergies can manifest as skin irritations, digestive issues, or other discomforts. If your dog has known allergies, please let us know, and we'll help you find suitable options.

    Special Dietary Requirements Some dogs have specific dietary requirements due to age, size, or health conditions. Whether your dog is a growing puppy, a senior with unique nutritional needs, or has any health concerns, we're here to assist you in finding the right food to support their well-being.

    How Can We Assist You? To ensure we provide the best products and advice, please share any information about your dog's allergies, dietary restrictions, or any other special requirements. You can reach out to us via phone, email, or visit our store in Gosport, Hampshire, UK. Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you in selecting the perfect food and treats for your beloved canine companion.

    Your dog's health and happiness are our top priorities, and together, we can tailor their diet to suit their individual needs. Let's work together to keep their tails wagging and their bowls full of goodness!"

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